Torn Photographs meet Dreamy Photographs : Tina Vero’s photo and music video shoot

With the glow of a swinging light bulb, a rusted bed stood amongst tattered tea stained drop cloth, dusty orange cages, billowing ruffles of twill, and a sea of tore photographs. The remains of coffee cups were scattered throughout the studio, as a pleasantly tired crew of six finished the day on the set of Tina Vero’s album shoot for “Ready Let Go.” With a plethora of dreamy shots, the material for a full-length music video and the memories of a twelve-hour day, August 18th was considered a success.

Claire and Tina had been discussing the project since February. With the daunting task of creating both an album cover and music video in one day, Claire wanted a controlled setting and opted to use her personal studio. With inspiration from the film “Alegria” and the words of singer/songwriter Tina, Claire dreamt up a derelict bedroom filmed in hazy tones, juxtaposed by her female lead’s full-length ball grown.The set consisted of found objects, building supplies from Home Depot and dirt for the surrounding environment.

“Would you mind running over this with your car?” lead to one of the many stares Claire and her assistants, Danny Camarena and Kelsey Tangel,receivedwhen “dirtying” the drop cloths in preparation. Mashing in potholes, dragging through alleyways, and scraping with razors brought about the authentic feeling of well-worn walls.

Tina was trilled with the set and videographer Eduardo Whittington was inspired. With make up artist, Kim Harrison and hair stylist,Courtney Sanders, Tina Vero was transformed into an angelic siren eager to bring “Ready Let Go” to life. Filming went smoothly, energy remained high, magic occurred and emotions came to the surface. In a particularly powerful moment, Vero found a picture from her baptism with four generations of women. Overtaken by their spirit, tears flowed from her eyes as the true strength of her journey to the present became clear.
This was Claire’s third album cover and first time directing a music video. While the video is still in the editing stage, the photographs are striking and the client is happy. Please keep an eye out for the album and music video release.



Photos and Words by Kelsey Tangel


4 responses to “Torn Photographs meet Dreamy Photographs : Tina Vero’s photo and music video shoot

  1. Great crew! Cant wait to see the finished project! Hope we have the chance to work together again.

  2. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL, KELSEY!!!!!!! I have the chills!!!!! What an awesome day this was. All my love and chat very soon, Tina!

  3. I cannot express enough my excitement in having the opportunity to have been asked to be a part of Tina’s mission. I foresee many great days for Tina, her desire, natural talent, creativity, and pureness of heart that flows through her music is a blessing to the soundscape.

    I’m ready. Let’s go! 🙂


  4. Saw the final video and attended the cd release party at the Turning Point. Outstanding!!

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