So, you want to be a fashion photographer?

So, you want to be a fashion photographer? Fashion photographer Claire Rosen is visiting Dubai as part of Gulf Photo Plus, the annual event that brings together the world’s most experienced photographers to promote and develop photography as a creative medium. An experienced fashion photographer and fine artist, she speaks to SUPERFAB about her fascination with taxidermy, foray in to filmmaking and love of all things vintage.

Name: Claire Rosen
Age: 27
Lives: Montclair, NJ USA

As you’ll know the Middle East is very conservative about dress, does it surprise you how liberal the fashion magazines are here in the fashion shoots published?
Yes, it is a bit surprising… but I think in general fashion photography, especially editorial, is about creating a fantasy world so in some ways it makes sense that it wouldn’t mimic reality.

You have dabbled in both photography and film in which medium are you the most comfortable/confident?
I am most confident with photography because I have more experience in that medium. I am still learning about filmmaking, it is a different way of thinking but I am very excited for all of the possibilities it provides, it really changes the way you can tell a story.

What camera do you use?
Canon 5D Mark II

There is a lightness in the stylized look of your work: pretty girls, pretty clothes, but a darkness in the narrative. Can you explain what inspires this?
I think there is an interesting duality in the juxtaposition of light and dark that encourages the mind to think and question and get into a picture. It gives the images more depth (hopefully), that there is a truth and story to them as opposed to being just a pretty picture.

You feature a lot of ‘deceased’ animals, what is so fascinating to you about taxidermy?
I find nature very inspiring and beautiful, especially animals. While I really enjoy the challenge of working with live animals I just happen to have more access to taxidermy and also they stay still!

Which fashion photographer’s work do you admire?
Tim Walker, Eugenio Recuenco and Paolo Roversi.

Your pictures are vintage in feel either in the subject or in the effect of the printing. Is vintage part of your personal style?
Yes, I love history and other time periods (anything pre 1940s). Many times I will reference a specific time period otherwise I generally want the image or series to feel timeless and placeless. I think this allows the viewer to put more of their own story into their interpretation of the image.

Being a fashion photographer, do you feel your photographs are more about the clothes or the model in them?
I feel my photographs are more about the story or concept and both the clothes and models are essential to telling that story.

What makes a successful shoot?
A shoot is successful when you have created images you (and your team) are proud of and your client, if there is one, is happy with the results.

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion photographers?
Create a strong team of talented people; hair and makeup, stylists, models etc that you enjoy working with and shoot as much as possible.

Claire Rosen will be conducting a seminar “The Art of Fashion Photography” on the 11th March, as part of Gulf Photo Plus which runs March 7-12th 2011. For further information visit: www,


One response to “So, you want to be a fashion photographer?

  1. All I can say is wow. Love the ideas put forward in this post. Just goes to show that fashion can be anything that you want it to be

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