Ken Fulk Gallery Opening for “Bespoke: The Adventures of Randall and Rosen”


by Jennifer Raiser     Event Photographs by Drew Altizer

When interior designer/impresario/entrepreneur Ken Fulk shares a cool design find, you pay attention. So when we received an invitation to his studio for the opening of “Bespoke: The Adventures of Randall and Rosen,” we knew to expect the unexpected. Turns out it was truly unexpected – he invited two collaborating young cool women to create some new art in his space. The invitation went out weeks before some of the nine new pieces art actually happened.

Alex Randall is British, beautiful, 28, and phenomenally talented lighting artist who uses taxidermy and found objects to create new lighting forms. (Rat tabletop lamp or rusty saw chandelier, anyone?)  She looks like a Hitchcock heroine. Claire Rosen is a cool 27, a dark, tangled-tressed photographer who works with large formats and organically creates images which include Alex Randall’s art, along with other interesting people and situations. If you throw the props, resources and ingenuity of Ken Fulk’s studio into the mix, you can really get crazy, like taking a photo of a naked man in a wildebeest head sitting in a hovering freight elevator, and then displaying the newly printed photo in said elevator during the party, so you could play “guess the naked man” in the room. Add a DJ, cocktail shakers, a few wheels of yummy aged cheese, some charcuterie and a platter of mini donuts, and Fulk’s pet golden retrievers, and you’ve got a lovely party with lovely people looking at some lovely, if provocative, pieces of art.  Randall met Rosen over Facebook and they often work over Skype between London and New York, but she is equally comfortable encouraging elderly  farmers in Devon to unearth found materials and find local fodder animals to taxidermy into her work. “It’s the ultimate recycling,” she says, “Using animals that would otherwise go to waste to create art that will endure.”  She also favored the previously loved in her dress, a smashing vintage Ossie Clark from the 70’s. Rosen presented her ideal alter ego, a blithe hippie in a halter gown of unknown provenance. And the guests?  They were smitten: with the setting, the sculpture, the art, the artists, and one another. It was an evening tailor made – no, Bespoke – for cool perfection.


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