Semi Finalist in the W Magazine Photography Contest

Over the past several months, talented photographers from across the country have submitted work that illustrates the concept of Obsession…and our discerning panel of judges has finally chosen the top 20 semi-finalists.

Now W magazine needs you to decide the TOP FIVE finalists— our judges will pick one Grand Prize winner from your selections.

I would really appreciate it if you would take a second – click the link – and vote for my picture!!! Voting is open until January 5, 2010 and you can vote once a day.  My image is the one with my name and the books… I would really like to make it to the top 5 so please please vote for my image..


One response to “Semi Finalist in the W Magazine Photography Contest

  1. I just found your blog – I love the header photo by the way- I have just taken some simple pictures here and there, but I am starting to have a love for photography.

    If you go to my blog and look under the page ‘Recipes’ and click on my sub pages as well, you can see some of the recent photos I took, (and the ones I thought were really good). I took all of the photos that are in my ‘Recipe’ page and the sub pages to ‘Recipes’. Please, if you want, tell me your view on my photos (where to improve or do differently). My favorite photo so far is the eggs one I took.

    Continue you blogging!
    Rachel’s Cottage House

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