Just Look at Yourself! Juried Show at the CMCA

Just Look at Yourself! brings together self-portraits by 65 artists who responded to a call to artists, and explores and expands upon the concept of self-portraiture. Works in the exhibition represent a range of approaches and media, from the traditional “head shot” to pieces that are less literal and more experimental as self-representations. Are we really what we eat? How are we defined by the roles we play? How many “I” are there? Does a self-portrait have to be recognizable? What is the minimum of information needed to become a unique image of me? These are just some of the questions asked by the artists in Just Look at Yourself!. Several of them will participate in a roundtable discussion on Sunday, September 27 at 2pm. This event is free for members or with gallery admission.

Participating Artists include
Nancy Barnes, Chris Bennett, Brenda Bettinson, Danielle Blocker, Rush Brown, Sam Cady, Trissy Callan, Susan Van Campen, Katie Cantor, Crystal Cawley, Katherine Cheney Chappell, Susanna Coffey, Ana Courtney, David Scriven Crowley, Sally Dennison, Angela Devenney, David Estey, Tanya Fletcher, Samuel Gelber, Jessica George, Claire Gilliam, Andy Hurtt, Jonathan Imber, Juliet Karelsen, Elana Katz + Philip Metz, Jim Kinnealey, Justin Kirchoff, Ann Krumrein, Freddy Lafage, Charlie Lemay, Heather Lyon, Tyler McPhee, Kyungsook Min, Scott Minzy, J. Peter Monro, James Mullen, Kathy Ocariz, Sandra-Lee Phipps, Kit Pike, Alison Rector, Denise Remy, Tamara K. Richel, Rob Rocke, Claire Rosen, Peter Rosenberg, Dianna Rust, Kris Sader, Owen F. Smith, Bonnie Spiegel, Jessica Stammen, Aaron Stephan, David Stess, Scott Stevenson, Barbara Sullivan, Sarah A. Szwajkos, Sarah Tabor, Millee Tibbs, John Whalley, Shoshannah White, dm Whitman, Nancy Wissemann-Widrig, Billie Wolf, Jessica Yankura, and Sharon Yates.


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