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Dynalite VIP showcase

“I love that I can show up to a shoot wearing 5″ heels and a big dress and still carry all my Dynalite equipment myself! When you have to wrangle animals, children and models (and everything has to be just right) the last thing you want to worry about is your lighting system.” -Claire Rosen

Direct Art (Volume 17)

George Eastman House Auction at Sotheby’s NYC

George Eastman House Benefit Auction at Sotheby’s

The on-line selection will be available globally for an extended period at from September 27 – October 7, 2010, as well as on view at Sotheby’s from October 1- 4. The live auction will be held on October 4 at 7 pm at Sotheby’s New York. Both formats contain lots representative of most every period and genre created by historically significant and emerging artists.

Fashion Night Out at Neiman Marcus Short Hills, NJ

Installation up through Fashion Week

Behind the Scenes for Cora Pearl’s Lookbook Fall 2010


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On set at the shoot for Cora Pearl’s Fall Look Book – Stay tuned for images!

Cora Pearl look book coming soon.

These behind the scene shots by Cuccia (

Models used Coco Young and Jack Geer for Cora Pearl

Claire Rosen Photography: Fairy Tales and Other Stories | Circles of Montclair Write Up

Inside her studio at 7 North Willow Ave, Claire Rosen is photographing a crystal ball. The innocuous little orb used for finding secrets illustrates Claire’s love of and interest in myth, archetype, fairy tales and psychology (which are all very closely related). The photograph referencing Hamlet’s Ophelia featured above is from her fine art self-portrait series, “Fairy Tales and Other Stories” which explores all of these concepts. Recently, Claire’s work has taken a more commercial and editorial direction. She strives to bring her artistic style to every commercial client, combining her knowledge of fashion while still creating a compelling narrative within each photo. An excellent example of this blend is a sampling of her work on view this week at Neiman Marcus at Short Hills to celebrate Fashion Week. “I hope that each picture tells a story, and that those looking at my work will give the image it’s own meaning,” says Claire.

Claire grew up in Montclair and went on to attend Bard at Simon’s Rock College before completing post-graduate work at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. One of Claire’s many upcoming projects will continue in education, but this time as an Artist in Residence at the Millbrook School in upstate New York. She will be photographing the school’s extensive taxidermy collection from the 1920’s, isolating each piece on a black background. “Photographing the items in this context,” says Claire, “allows the viewer to focus on the beauty of each detail as the objects age.” The students at Millbrook School will then help design a book and curate an exhibition with the work created.

She cites her parents as some of the most inspirational people surrounding her and about whom she says, “they are so wonderful and supportive and I am very lucky to have them.” She also finds photographic inspiration from fashion photographer, Tim Walker and fine art photographer, Maggie Taylor.

For more information about Claire, upcoming events, such as a collaborative show that will feature the chandeliers of Alex Randall and photos made with the renowned lighting artist, and samples of her work please visit her website.